Animal Products

Dale Family Farms
Address: 526 Ave. K, Protection KS, 67127

The Dale family roots run deep in Comanche County. For over 100 years, the Dale family has earned their livelihood from the land. The foundation for this longevity has been and continues to be our forage resources of native grass and alfalfa coupled with a commitment to be good stewards of these resources. As we strive to remain sustainable, we understand that we must better utilize these resources through improved grazing practices and reduced reliance on fuel and equipment. Over the last few years, we have realized that letting our animals remain in their natural environment – doing what they do best, grazing – will be our key to sustainability and another 100 years for Dales on the family farm.

Phone Number: 620-622-4473
Douglas Avenue Chop Shop
Address: 1113 E. Douglas Ave. Wichita, Kansas 67211

Proudly serving Kansas Heritage meats. With everything for Black Angus hand selected by Creekstone Farms to Heritage Breed Chicken and Duck Eggs to Heritage Rabbit, our modern butcher shop takes pride in the quality and care that our farmers take in preparing the best meats and town. Also enjoy some of the artisan food prepared as well!

Phone Number: 316-239-7400
E & K Heritage Farm
Address: 16924 Udall Rd. Altoona, KS 66710

We are a small organic farm is south east Kansas that uses holistic management to raise grass-finished beef, pastured heritage pigs, and pastured poultry. The cows live on a mix of native and tame pastures while the pigs and chickens receive only non-GMO grain. No animal receives antibiotics and are treated with vet recommended medicine if they do become ill. Our poultry is processed at a USDA certified facility and our cattle and hogs are processed at a family owned custom butcher shop. Our animals will arrive at our farm at a young age then we are with them until the meat is loaded into your vehicle.

How to Connect: Visit our website for order forms or email us for special requests like meat bundles.
Phone Number: 620-212-1683
Elderslie Farm
Address: 3501 E 101st Street Valley Center Kansas

Elderslie Farm began in 2010 when George Elder and his sister, Alexis, resolved their wanderings and planted blackberries near the childhood home, just north of Wichita. Alexis began focusing on vegetables while George continued maintaining the brambles.

In 2011 George married Katharine who brought a history of rich culinary experience from her family and their travels to Europe. In 2012 casual outdoor dining began and the first formal meal was served outside. Five years later, breakfast and lunch on the patio at the Bramble Cafe is a summer tradition and formal dining is offered year-round in our three dining rooms on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Our multi-course dinners offer an authentic showcase of local produce with thoughtful wine pairings. Inside and out we have renovated and expanded to provide a lovely setting; the creative and beautiful dinners begin on the patio as weather permits, then move indoors to dining rooms furnished with black walnut from our Elderslie Woodworks. The evening is a Farm to Table experience rich in delight from the food to the decor to the excellent service.

How to Connect: Products can purchased at Elderslie (call or email first) or online at
Phone Number: 316-305-2984
Fanska Farms
Address: 3873 NE 4th, El Dorado

“Our mission is to provide wholesome, all natural, fancy chicken eggs for our valued customers. We do this by letting our chickens enjoy a life on the open pasture, and supplementing their diet with locally grown Kansas grains. We don’t see the need to pay someone else to label us as organic or humane. Everyone who visits Fanska Farms can plainly see that we are all that and more! We never use antibiotics or hormones, we use no pesticides on the chickens or pasture, and we don’t use chemical fertilizers where the chickens graze. We truly are ALL NATURAL and HUMANE!!!

What’s in your eggs???

(Fanska Farms is a licensed egg producer through the Kansas Department of Agriculture, and is certified as a Veteran Owned Small Business through the Veterans Administration)”

How to Connect: We have free delivery in El Dorado, but will be expanding to other areas in the near future. Contact by phone, email or Facebook:
Phone Number: 316-323-9326