ICT Food Circle is a program of K-State Research & Extension-Sedgwick County. If you have an idea or see an opportunity in the food system, please share it with us!

Our Vision

A strong, vibrant, local food economy in south central Kansas that meets the needs of all facets of our community-based food system.

Our Mission: Connect – – Educate – – Facilitate

Connect residents of south central Kansas with local food producers.

Educate producers, consumers, and local food businesses to increase the skills and knowledge needed for better functioning of the community-based food system.

Facilitate the development of a strong local food system through leadership and networking opportunities for producers, local food businesses, and consumers.

Our Program Goals

  1. Increase the number of profitable local farms participating in the local food economy.
  2. Increase the number of consumers purchasing direct from producers.
  3. Increase the variety and volume of local food purchases.
  4. Increase the opportunities for local farms to sell to restaurants, grocery stores, or institutions.
  5. Increase the skills and knowledge of local food consumers relating to purchasing, storing, and using fresh foods.
  6. Increase the opportunities for networking and mentorship among local food producers and businesses.
  7. Increase the skills and knowledge of local food producers relating to business, marketing, crop planning & production, animal husbandry, pest management, food safety, and product quality.

One way that ICT Food Circle is accomplishing these goals is through a partner program, Growing Growers ICT. This new program pairs aspiring fruit and vegetable growers with a local host farm for the growing season where they experience hands-on education and one-on-one mentorship, and it provides them with a series of workshops, teaching technical aspects of specialty crop farming and business skills to run a profitable enterprise.

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