Baumwerk Farm LLC
Address: 15751 SW Meadowlard Rd, Rose Hill, KS 67133

As a small farm with a heart for stewardship, we are always learning and growing towards a restorative agriculture.  We want our land to be healthier and more fruitful for every year that we farm it.  We see soil building and soil health as a foundation for healthy plants and animals.  To help us achieve this, we utilize time honored tools such as rotational grazing and cover crops to help us raise good food in natural ways.

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Clark Farm
Address: 3605 North Rayl Road, Buhler, KS 67522

We have a small farm where we raise sheep, vegetables, and eggs.

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Kansas Grown! Farmers’ Market at 21st and Ridge
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Graze The Prairie Certified Grass Fed Beef
Address: 408 West Blaine, Latham, KS, 67072

American Grassfed Association and RCR Humanely Raised Certified
Grass Fed Beef and Grass Fed Lamb
No Antibiotics, No Hormones,
No GMO’s!
Born and raised on clean water, fresh grass, rain and sunshine in the beautiful Kansas Flint Hills.

We work in concert with nature using holistic management practices to produce superior quality meat for our customers and ourselves. We revolve around the philosophy, “healthy soil, healthy water, healthy food, healthy living.”

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JaKo Farm
Address: 6003 E. Eagles rd, Hutchinson KS, 67501
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Schenker Family Farms
Address: 1231 W 510 Ave., McCune KS, 66753
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