Faye Farms
Address: 4790 11th rd., Udall Kansas, 67146

Faye Farms is a small family farm located in Udall, KS which is owned and operated by Mark and Heather Faye.  Mark and Heather didn’t start their farming careers in Kansas.  Their farm was originally located in Bayfield Wisconsin.  With a desire for a warmer climate and better farming conditions they moved their entire farm 900 miles south in June of 2007. They moved 120 head of dairy cattle, 9 hogs, 3 boys, and 1 dog!

Faye Farms embraces diversity and strives to raise their livestock in a slower and simpler manner.  Their animals are raised outdoors to harvest the benefits of green grass, fresh air, and sunshine.  Mark and Heather work to raise their animals in their natural environment, yet they are provided shelter for inclement weather, and may be confined for brief periods for their protection. They look to heritage breeds such as Ayrshire cows and Hereford pigs to help them achieve their goals.  While they are not new to farming, their farm is a work in progress. Projects and experiments keep things interesting!

Phone Number: 316-461-2193
Golden Prairie Farm
Address: 15914 SW 125th ST, Sedgwick, Ks

Golden Prairie Farm is a small family owned farm located near Sedgwick, Ks. We grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowers using organic methods, and raise pastured poultry for eggs, meat chickens, and pigs. We offer our produce and flowers through local farmers markets, restaurants, and on farm sales. We currently provide eggs and produce for The Beautiful Day Cafe and The Wine Dive. Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Instagram (Golden_Prairie_Farm_Ks).

How to Connect: Find us at the Old Town Farmers’ Market this summer. Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Instagram (Golden_Prairie_Farm_Ks).
Phone Number: 316.253.6610 316.641.4906
JaKo Farm
Address: 6003 E. Eagles rd, Hutchinson KS, 67501
Phone Number: 620-663-1470
Moore Ranch
Address: 2933 CR E, Bucklin KS, 67834
Phone Number: 620-826-3649
Morning Harvest Farms
Address: 8933 NE 72nd St. Walton Kansas 67151
Phone Number: 316-303-7118