Animal Products

Kalaya Emu Estates
Address: 8 Bentgrass Dr, Hesston, KS
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We have been raising emu since 1994 and they are raised without use of antibiotics and growth hormones. USDA Inspected Emu Meat is 97% fat free, red meat similar to beef. Those with Alpha-gal allergies are able to eat this meat. We sell 100% Pure, Fully-Refined Emu Oil Products. Our emu oil is Certified Emu Oil, which is a sign of quality set by the American Emu Association Standards. Emu oil products are used for Skin Care and Pain Relief and a full-line of other emu products consisting of USDA inspected low-fat red emu meat, blown emu eggs and feathers for crafts, emu leather goods, tanned emu hides and emu leg skins to create your own leather projects.

How to Connect: We setup at the Kansas Grown Farmers Market at 21st and N. Ridge Road in Wichita on Saturday mornings from 7 A.M. to 12 Noon from April through October.
Phone Number: 620-327-4124
Kane Farms
Address: 9820 S Hillside Haysville Kansas 67060

Daniel sells the beef by bundles which is 1/8 of a beef and up to a full beef. Sweet corn sells by the dozen during the summer.

Phone Number: 316-210-6731
Lazy Heart D
Address: 17455 Pauling Run Road, Westmoreland KS, 665459
Phone Number: 785-456-9465
Legacy GardenWorks
Address: 945 S. Wichita, Wichita, KS 67213

We are a non-profit youth employment program focused on giving urban youth the chance to grow food and improve their job skills. Together we tend a quarter-acre worth of land from vacant lots in South-Central Wichita and offer the produce to our CSA.

How to Connect: Our CSA runs from May – October. Please send an email in April or early May to receive all the information and sign up. Tours and presentations about our program are also given regularly. Check the website/facebook page for info.
Phone Number: 316-347-9664
Mike’s Garden Fresh Produce
Address: 21287 Wichita Rd, Chanute, KS

We grow many kind vegetables, squash, peppers, root crops, and more!

How to Connect: We sell at the Kansas Grown! Farmers’ Market at Ridge Road. You can also call me to arrange purchase.
Phone Number: 620-431-4616