Strong Roots Healthy Farming LLC

Strong Roots Healthy Farming LLC

Strong Roots Healthy Farming is a small, urban farm located in Valley Center Kansas that grows vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We believe in growing food as naturally as possible, so we do not use chemicals or artificial fertilizers. Instead we focus on making the plants as healthy as possible by mixing things like compost, fish emulsion, and worm castings into the soil. We rotate our crops to create a balance of nutrients in the soil each season. These are the things that are helping us regain the nourishment in our food, so that our families and our communities can build foundations that are physically and mentally sound.

Contact name: Joshua and Cindy Molello

How to Connect
We switch on and off between the Old Town Farm and Art Market and the Kansas Grown! Farmers' Market on 21st and Ridge. We do not attend a market every week, but we do deliver weekly on Tuesdays between 10am - 4pm. Orders can be made online at We offer a CSA three times a year (10 weeks each) which is also sold on the website.

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3059 E 5th St, Valley Center, KS
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