Breakthrough Garden
Address: 935 N. Market, behind the clinic

Sponsored by Hunter Health Clinic, Interfaith Ministries, and Episcopal Social Services

No Fees. Semi-communal and semi-allotment. Looking for gardeners from nearby apartments

Phone Number: Alleshi Fox: 316-269-4160 x 112; Patricia Beckham: 316-943-1864 or 620-222-4870
College Hill United Methodist (CHUM) Community Garden
Address: 2930 E 1st St., Wichita, Ks., 67214 Garden is located North of building and parking lot.

Sponsored by College Hill United Methodist

How to Connect: Contact Ella Rogers-Hungria at 316-518-3552 or the church office at 316-683-4643
Phone Number: 316-683-4643
CORE Gardens of Wichita
Address: 1121 N. Green

Sponsored by CORE.

No fees. Communal garden with 6 raised beds.

How to Connect:
Phone Number: Brandon Johnson: 351-8670
Dignity Garden
Address: 1718 W. Douglas

A community garden project of New Covenant UMC.

How to Connect: Contact Cathy Holley at 943-1884 or email
Fairmount Coffee Company Community Garden
Address: 3815 E 17th St N, Wichita, KS

Fairmount Coffee Company Community Garden is located on the southwest corner and is a raised bed. We have herbs, lettuces, and summer veggies that we utilize in our dishes in the coffeehouse whenever possible. We began in March 2018 and are brand new, but are working to create community and education by growing in our garden.

How to Connect: We have room to place seedlings of whatever you have that you might like to add to the garden. Anyone is welcome to harvest whenever they like. When available, we use the lettuces, herbs, and veggies as a main star or garnish in dishes within the coffeeshop.
Phone Number: (316) 684-5224