Plot Rental

Journey Community Garden
Address: 9999 E. Harry

Sponsored by Journey Church

Fees: $15 for a 10′ x 20′ plot

Phone Number: Alan Roth: 316-260-4455
Oaklawn Community Garden
Address: 4904 E. Clifton

Sponsored by the Derby Recreation Commission

Raised beds available to neighborhood gardeners.

Phone Number: Debbie Williams: 316-788-3781 or 316-529-2677
Riverside Community Garden
Address: 917 W. Riverside Ave.

Sponsored by the Riverside Neighborhood

$25 per plot, $50 for water per season

We encourage people to come to the garden to learn, grow vegetables, meet neighbors and to share the crops with those in need.

Senior Community Garden of Goddard
Address: 199th St. W & 23rd St. S, Goddard

Sponsored by the Goddard Senior Group / City of Goddard

Fees: 18 raised beds (4×8) for $10 each
Notes: Looking for gardeners over 50 years old

Phone Number: David A Curtis: 316-794-2726
Uptown Organic Community Garden
Address: 402 N. Chautauqua

Sponsored by the Uptown Neighborhood Association

Notes: Under development. Have ground and water, looking for gardeners that will commit. Planning to install weed barrier and raised beds in 2018.

Fees will depend on the number of gardeners participating. There will be communal areas, but most of the beds will be available to rent individually.

Phone Number: Paul Oberg: 316-687-0949