Salmon Shop

Salmon Shop

The Bond family is a local Kansas family that spends their summers in Alaska fishing for salmon. While living most of the year in Wichita, KS, they migrate to Alaska during the summer to follow the massive salmon run that hits the clean, cool waters of Alaska every year. Made up of three generations of Bonds, the Kansas natives bring high-quality wild-caught sockeye salmon from the pristine waters of Bristol Bay back to the tables of Wichita residents.

We know for our family how important it is to know WHERE your food is coming from and HOW your food is being handled. We boast the most sustainable and healthy salmon on the market. It is fish the way nature intended it, with no added hormones, dyes, or anything other than what mother nature provides. Most Alaskan fishing boats are family owned and operated. Fishing permits are handed down from generation to generation. We all work together to bring this valuable, delicious seafood straight to you! We know our buyers (friends and family), see their faces and feel proud that we can offer them such a healthy alternative to what the large industry provides.

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How to Connect
Purchase from our website or through social media. You preorder how much you want then we go and catch it for you:

Spring - you can pre-order Salmon through this website (if you live near or are willing to travel to Wichita).

Summer - In June and July we will travel to Alaska and catch your fish. When we return, we will bring your fish with us.

Fall - We will send out dates and location of our drop sites in each of the cities listed above (late August, early September).

You can show up, shake our hand (or fist bump if Covid is still a thing) and walk away with your salmon ready for your freezer.
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11701 E 77th St. North, Wichita
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