I went to the Extension Center today to do some grocery shopping at one of the Kansas Grown Markets. I had a good time introducing the ICT Food Circle to 2 of the many wonderful farmers in our food circle. Morning Harvest farms was the first one. I had the chance to speak with Paula Sims who guided me through her selection of naturally grown, humanely raised, non-GMO, and grass fed meats. I ended up getting a sirloin roast that I am looking forward to using in a company chili contest to share with my co-workers! I also got the opportunity to meet 2 of the 6 family members from Phil’s Farm. They had a premium spot, and by the time I reached them, they were wheeling and dealing! It was great to see them getting their product out there. I got some ground beef, and marinated chicken from them. With a proprietary marinade and the ability to process the chicken at their farm, the family at Phil’s Farm get to provide the freshest chicken they can…. I have already cooked and enjoyed chicken from Wednesday! It was incredible!
Both of these farms are now listed on our directory, and they are eager to meet anyone. Morning Harvest offers tours and has a newsletter that we will be posting. Phil’s Farm, is already offering turkey for thanksgiving, so be sure to contact them for more info.
Although the Kansas Grown Market will be closing down after the 31st of October for this season, they do have a winter schedule available on their website www.kansasgrowninc.com. Most is indoor, and a few farmers have special dates outside too! You can also try these, to stimulate your curiosities…
Sedgwick County Extension Center
Kansas Grown Farmers Market

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