Farmers’ Market season has started here in Wichita! By the time the season is in full swing, there will be a range of markets available to hungry shoppers around the area, including weekday, weeknight, and Saturday markets, and Wichita and non-Wichita markets.

If you would like to view a calendar listing of when the markets are held, you can view it on the Farmers Market Calendar tab above. If you would like to see a list of the different markets with the market manager contact information, visit the KSRE-Sedgwick County website.

At this time in April, there are just the two Saturday markets open: Kansas Grown!-West Wichita and the Old Town Farmers’ Market. Both markets have a range of vendors and products available. Both markets have also updated their websites in the past couple years. It’s another great way to learn about local vendors and what’s available! By the first week in May, many of the weekday or weeknight markets will be starting, as well as the Kansas Grown!-Derby market at the new Madison Avenue Central Park.

If you are curious about what is in season, you can check out a new feature on our sidebar, under “What’s In Season Now?” This will be updated regularly, so if you see something available locally that isn’t listed, just let me know so I can add it!