Bowlin Family Microgreens
Address: 15002 E Orme, Wichita, KS

Family owned microgreen and edible flora grower. We grow over 25 varieties of microgreens and a some varieties of edible flora without the use of pesticides. In addition to our microgreens we have a small flock of hens for farm fresh eggs.

How to Connect: Text, call or Facebook message
Phone Number: 316-807-9534
Clark Farm
Address: 3605 North Rayl Road, Buhler, KS 67522

We have a small farm where we raise sheep, vegetables, and eggs.

How to Connect: Kansas Grown! Farmers’ Market at 21st and Ridge
Phone Number: 620-899-3946
Fairmount Coffee Company Community Garden
Address: 3815 E 17th St N, Wichita, KS

Fairmount Coffee Company Community Garden is located on the southwest corner and is a raised bed. We have herbs, lettuces, and summer veggies that we utilize in our dishes in the coffeehouse whenever possible. We began in March 2018 and are brand new, but are working to create community and education by growing in our garden.

How to Connect: We have room to place seedlings of whatever you have that you might like to add to the garden. Anyone is welcome to harvest whenever they like. When available, we use the lettuces, herbs, and veggies as a main star or garnish in dishes within the coffeeshop.
Phone Number: (316) 684-5224
Firefly Farm
Address: 15615 E. 21st St North Wichita Kansas 67230

I care a lot about how our food tastes, so I scour the market to find the most delicious fruit and vegetable varieties to grow. Whenever I can, I grow from organic, heirloom seeds and root stock. I never use genetically modified organisms.

I am dedicated to growing fruits and vegetables in ways that don’t damage the environment in which they grow or the people who consume them. My fertilizers are always organic. I also avoid using poisons and toxins to control insects, weeds, and disease.

I learned to garden from my father and originally used his old-timey methods. Over the years, I have adapted from more current and popular methods, like permaculture and hugelkultur. On any given year, you will find a variety of growing methods employed on my farm as I experiment, evaluate, and learn.

I believe that food grown locally, seasonally, and sustainably doesn’t just taste better and isn’t just more health inducing but is more humane and socially just, too. I hope you will appreciate the vision I have for my farm and that you will join me in making it a reality by purchasing your produce here.

I sell retail to the general public and wholesale to the restaurant trade. Retail sales can be made through my farm office here on East 21st Street. My hours change with the seasons, so watch for updates on my FB page or web site (when it gets up and running). Please contact me directly for options on wholesale sales.

Phone Number: 316-733-6788