Baumwerk Farm LLC
Address: 15751 SW Meadowlard Rd, Rose Hill, KS 67133

As a small farm with a heart for stewardship, we are always learning and growing towards a restorative agriculture.  We want our land to be healthier and more fruitful for every year that we farm it.  We see soil building and soil health as a foundation for healthy plants and animals.  To help us achieve this, we utilize time honored tools such as rotational grazing and cover crops to help us raise good food in natural ways.

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Bontrager Pastries
Address: 916 E. Red Rock Rd., Hutchinson, KS 67501

We have a small, family-run farm where we milk about 40 cows, raise beef cattle, and bake on the weekends. We also hold dinners at our house.

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Call 620-728-1223 or purchase from us at the Kansas Grown! Farmers’ Market at 21st St. & Ridge Rd.
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Elderslie Farm
Address: 3501 E 101st Street Valley Center Kansas

Elderslie Farm began in 2010 when George Elder and his sister, Alexis, resolved their wanderings and planted blackberries near the childhood home, just north of Wichita. Alexis began focusing on vegetables while George continued maintaining the brambles.

In 2011 George married Katharine who brought a history of rich culinary experience from her family and their travels to Europe. In 2012 casual outdoor dining began and the first formal meal was served outside. Five years later, breakfast and lunch on the patio at the Bramble Cafe is a summer tradition and formal dining is offered year-round in our three dining rooms on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Our multi-course dinners offer an authentic showcase of local produce with thoughtful wine pairings. Inside and out we have renovated and expanded to provide a lovely setting; the creative and beautiful dinners begin on the patio as weather permits, then move indoors to dining rooms furnished with black walnut from our Elderslie Woodworks. The evening is a Farm to Table experience rich in delight from the food to the decor to the excellent service.

How to Connect:
Products can purchased at Elderslie (call or email first) or online at www.eldersliefarm.com/shop.
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Faye Farms
Address: 4790 11th rd., Udall Kansas, 67146

Faye Farms is a small family farm located in Udall, KS which is owned and operated by Mark and Heather Faye.  Mark and Heather didn’t start their farming careers in Kansas.  Their farm was originally located in Bayfield Wisconsin.  With a desire for a warmer climate and better farming conditions they moved their entire farm 900 miles south in June of 2007. They moved 120 head of dairy cattle, 9 hogs, 3 boys, and 1 dog!

Faye Farms embraces diversity and strives to raise their livestock in a slower and simpler manner.  Their animals are raised outdoors to harvest the benefits of green grass, fresh air, and sunshine.  Mark and Heather work to raise their animals in their natural environment, yet they are provided shelter for inclement weather, and may be confined for brief periods for their protection. They look to heritage breeds such as Ayrshire cows and Hereford pigs to help them achieve their goals.  While they are not new to farming, their farm is a work in progress. Projects and experiments keep things interesting!

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Hildebrand Farms Dairy
Address: 5210 Rucker Rd. Junction City, KS 66441

It all began with the idea of making a better life for their family with the purchase of 4 dairy cows in 1930. Generations and decades later, the Hildebrand family continues the dairy farming legacy by bottling, distributing and marketing their own milk, cream and butter. They built an on-site processing facility in 2008 and have been a proud Dillons partner since 2009. They are centered around the belief that happy cows make delicious milk. Thus, the care and comfort of their cows is of utmost importance, which is why they do not treat their cows with growth hormones*. To preserve the flavor and freshness of the product they bottle only in glass and process the products as minimally as allowed. Hildebrand Farms Dairy is located west of Junction City and is open to the public 6 days a week giving customers the chance to truly see how their milk is created.

*FDA states there is no significant difference between milk derived from rBHT treated and non-rBHT-treated cows.

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