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Flower Meadow Farm
Address: Valley Center Kansas

Moving to Kansas from Dallas in 1998, we found a home just outside the charming small town of Valley Center. Major lifestyle change, exactly what we were looking for! Our intention was to produce at least some of our own food, and grow “organically” (back then you could still use that word).

Master Gardener training provided a solid knowledge base for my new environment, and when a MG friend suggested I grow cut flowers my path was forever altered! We sold flowers and herbs at several venues around the Wichita area for about 5 years.

A chronic illness that defied conventional medicine’s understanding took a toll for many years. But it inspired us to educate ourselves even further in the absolute necessity of real, pure, nutrient-dense food in order to support nature’s healing power. With much faith, work and determination, naturopathic methods have restored my health to a somewhat productive level. There’s still a lot of room for improvement!

Even though we had to scale waaay back during those years, we always managed to grow a few things just for our use. And we added a project here and there.

Then there’s the “livestock”! Starting with the chickens…then guineas…then two goats. Today we have 18! I’ve always been an animal lover, and our “barnyard pets” have been amazing therapy for me. And my former city-guy husband can’t imagine life without them…

Starting this year we’re getting back into providing flowers, veggies, herbs and berries for market. We’ll also have eggs from our small flock raised on pasture and organic feed.

As always, we’re also working this year to expand our very small venture–with our enduring commitment to quality.

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