Baked Goods

Morning Harvest Farms
Address: 8933 NE 72nd St. Walton Kansas 67151
Phone Number: 316-303-7118
Mulberry Lane Greenhouse, Garden Center, and Farmers’ Market
Address: 90315 SE 30th Ave Sawyer, Kansas

A 4th generation family farm, we have organically grown vegetable plants and flowers for sale, local honey & homemade jams and jellies, including Sandplum.

How to Connect: Phone or Facebook at
Phone Number: 620-770-1313
Schoefield Farm
Address: 12611 W. 47th St. S, Clearwater, KS 67026

We are a 5 acre farm. We usually have 4-10 hogs fattening at any time. Fruit trees are scattered around the farm and we have about 1 acre planted to tomatoes and other produce.

Our daughter Maria bakes cinnamon rolls, sweet breads, cookies, fruit rolls, and pecan pies under the name ‘Maria G’s Baked Goods.’

How to Connect: We are at the Kansas Grown Farmers’ Market at 21st & Ridge Rd.
You can call us at 316-285-8933 and we will arrange a meeting place and time.
Phone Number: 316-285-8933
Serenity Farm CSA
Address: 3515 W. 125th St. North, Sedgwick Kansas, 67135
Phone Number: 316-722-9140 316-570-0791