Kalaya Emu Estates


We have been raising emu since 1994 and they are raised without use of antibiotics and growth hormones. USDA Inspected Emu Meat is 97% fat free, red meat similar to beef. Those with Alpha-gal allergies are able to eat this meat. We sell 100% Pure, Fully-Refined Emu Oil Products. Our emu oil is Certified Emu Oil, which is a sign of quality set by the American Emu Association Standards. Emu oil products are used for Skin Care and Pain Relief and a full-line of other emu products consisting of USDA inspected low-fat red emu meat, blown emu eggs and feathers for crafts, emu leather goods, tanned emu hides and emu leg skins to create your own leather projects.

How to Connect
We setup at the Kansas Grown Farmers Market at 21st and N. Ridge Road in Wichita on Saturday mornings from 7 A.M. to 12 Noon from April through October.
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8 Bentgrass Dr, Hesston, KS
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