Laird Woodland Farm and Agrarian Studio

Laird Woodland Farm and Agrarian Studio

Our desire for this land is that it would flourish. We believe that to do this we must listen to the land—its history, watershed, topography, vegetation and creatures—on their own terms, asking questions and listening to what each have to communicate. We believe that this kind of relational listening will lead to healthy ecosystems.

We do not use any herbicides or pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on our farm. We are currently classified as organically grown and we are moving towards organic certification but we want to do even better than that. We seek to cultivate soil that is alive and well, utilize carbon sequestering practices, and increase the diversity of our plant friends and local creatures.

Mostly we love to see land, bodies and communities whole. We believe that the health of our bodies and communities is intricately connected to the health of our land.

How to Connect
We sell monthly at the Old Town Farm and Art Market in Wichita or you can join our Herbal CSA via our website.
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816 516 9636
PO BOX 355, Harper, KS
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