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Pathways to participation

The Growing Growers ICT Learning Network is for both market-oriented farms and community-based gardening projects.

There are different ways to get involved in Growing Growers based on your needs, goals, and availability; we call them pathways.

Pathway 1: Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are the most involved, in-depth way to participate in Growing Growers. As an apprentice, you’ll be paired with a local host farmer for the growing season. Working with them, you’ll gain hands-on, on- farm experience and receive mentorship about the behind-the-scenes elements of running a farm or garden project. You’ll also attend any and all of the workshops and events that we’ll offer over the course of the season. This participation pathway is for individuals who are looking to start their farm or garden project in the near future and want to invest some quality time in honing their skills and knowledge.

To learn more about apprenticeships, click here.

To browse a list of host farms, click here.


Pathway 2: Project development

This middle pathway can cover a range of availability, but is generally for an individual who isn’t quite ready for an apprenticeship but who wants to do more than just dabble. You’ll have the opportunity to attend a whole host of workshops, on-farm tours and demonstrations, hands-on field days, and networking opportunities. Whether you’re thinking about starting a farm business or you want to see what it takes to develop a community garden, this pathway can get you decidedly on your way without taking all your time.

To view this season’s workshops and events, click here.

Pathway 3: A la carte

This pathway is for the casual participant who might only want or be able to attend a handful of events over the course of the year. This is a great way for you to get your feet wet and begin to determine if starting a farm or garden project is really what you want, or for veteran growers to refresh their skill and knowledge.

 To view this season’s workshops and events, click here.

Find your pathway

To determine which pathway will be best for you and to help personalize your path, we have a unique coaching experience that happens over three steps:

  1. Fill out an initial contact form (click here)

(This gives us some demographic information and background about your project idea or goals. Then you’ll receive an email about the next step.)

  1. Complete the introductory module

(This has 3 short videos to watch, some questions to help us gauge more specifics about your idea, and an accompanying worksheet to help flesh out and plan your idea. Once you’ve completed it, we’ll reach out to start step 3.)

3. Schedule a time with us to meet one-on-one

(We’ll discuss which of the program’s opportunities will best meet your needs and help you reach your goals, as well as the module worksheet.


Contact Kinzie Kirkland, program manager:

(316) 660-0145 |