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The matching process

Apprenticeship timeline

Fall: Host farms submit biographies to be listed (view list here)

November-February: Potential apprentices apply to the program

February: The matching process begins (see below)

February-March: Agreement between apprentice and host farm is reached

March: Farm work and workshop series begins

Host farm and apprentice matching

Step 1

Apprentices apply to the program staring November 1st. They can browse the list of host farms and include farms that interest them on their application. If apprentice candidates have an existing relationship with a host farmer and the farmer wants to bring them on as an apprentice, they may contact Growing Growers staff and begin the agreement process. For the rest of apprentice candidates and host farms, official matching won’t begin until February. During this time, program staff will review applications and preliminarily decide if apprentice preferences match with any host farm preferences.


Step 2

During the local food producer entrepreneurship workshop in February, apprentice candidates and host farms will be invited to attend a speed dating mixer event. This will enable apprentices and host farmers to interview and get to know a number of potential match opportunities in a common setting. Depending on the number of participants, each apprentice candidate may have the chance to meet with each host farm, interview slots may be scheduled based on preliminary preferences and potential compatibility, or there may be open networking time. Apprentices and host farms will rank their preferences at the end of the event.

Step 3

Program staff will then evaluate the results of the event and inform participants of those results. Apprentices will be encouraged to reach out to set up final interviews with the host farms they matched with. Once a match is found, apprentices and host farms will come to an agreement regarding work expectations for the season.



Upon submission of application materials, apprentices will be informed of conditional acceptance into the program, pending a background check and successful matching with a host farm. Results of a background check might not disqualify an applicant from participating in the program, but may impact the process of matching with a host farm.

Please note: program staff can’t be held responsible for the success or failure of a match, although we will do our best to ensure the best possible matches. The speed dating process is not intended to ensure perfect matches, but to provide a space for candidates to more easily interact with each other in a common space and hopefully gain better understanding of each other before entering an apprenticeship agreement.



Contact Lyndsay Feather, program manager:

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